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Boxwood Wall 8ft x 8ft-2.JPG

Boxwood Wall

Color: Green

Size: 8 ft x 4 ft


Size: 8 ft x 8 ft


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8X20 Silver Backdrop Stand3.JPG

Backdrop 10X20

Color: Silver

Size: 10X20

$225 ea


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Flat Plate Backdrop 8X10.JPG

Backdrop 10X10

Color: Black

Size: 10X10

$150 ea


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Round Gold Backdrop Stand 7.5ft.JPG

Gold Round Metal Backdrop 7X7

Color: Gold

Size: 7X7

$175 ea


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8.5X10 Tripod Stand.JPG

Tripod Backdrop 8.5X10

Color: Black

8.5 x 10 ft Photo Backdrop Stand, Adjustable.


$100 ea

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Polyester Hot Pink Drapes.JPG

Backdrop Polyester Drapes

Size: 10X10

Colors: White, Ivory, Royal Blue, Blush, Black, Red, Hot Pink, Light Blue


$45 ea

White Sheer Panels.JPG

Sheer Tulle Drapes

Size: W60 x L95

Colors: White, Black, Red, Ivory

$15/set of 2

Blush Pink Sequin Panels.JPG

Sequin Panels

Size: 2ftX8ft

Colors: Blush, White, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Red


$25 / set of 2




Silver Sequin Panel.JPG

Sequin Drapes

Size: 10ftX10ft

Colors: Silver, Red, Black, Blush, Gold

$50 ea



White Sheer Valance - 54X216.JPG

Sheer Valance

Size: 4.5X18

Colors: White, Black, Red, Gold, Lilac, Purple, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Light Blue, Burgundy

$15 ea



White Sequin Panels
Red Sequin Panels
Rose Gold Sequin Panels
Blush Pink Sequin Panels
Gold Sequin Panel
Silver Sequin Panels
Blush Sequin Panel
Silver Sequin Panel
Red Sequin Drapes
Black Sequin Drapes
Gold Sequin Drape
Polyester White Drapes
Polyester Royal Blue
Polyester Black Drapes
Polyester Red Drapes
Polyester Ivory Drapes
Polyester Hot Pink Drapes
Polyester Blush Drapes
Polyester Light Blue Drapes
Red Sheer Panels
Black Sheer Panels
Ivory Sheer Panels
White Sheer Panels
Red Sheer Valance - 54X216
Purple Sheer Valance - 54X216
Lilac Sheer Valance - 54X216
Light Pink Sheer Valance - 54X216
Light Blue Sheer Valance - 54X216
Gold Sheer Valance - 54X216
Hot Pink Sheer Valance - 54X216
Burgundy Sheer Valance - 54X216
Black Sheer Valance - 54X216
White Sheer Valance - 54X216
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