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Budgeting Your Bride

Many brides have envisioned their wedding day since they were a little girl. You may have played with Barbie dolls who of course got married to Ken and they lived happily ever after! Now-a-days, with Pinterest, DIY tutorials, YouTube, and Bride Magazine...many brides see the pretty pictures but not realize that it costs a pretty penny. In fact, most brides don't have an idea of how much they want to spend on their wedding and have no idea about how much their vision will cost. Sometimes, even when the bride does have a budget, it may not be realistic enough for the fantasy they have created. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you are hitting the mark when it comes to your wedding budget:

  1. START EARLY! When preparing for your wedding day, if you have the option of starting a year or even 8 months in advance, you can begin to set aside funds to have your dream wedding. During this time, you can consult a wedding planner to help you with your budget. Wedding Planners have specific knowledge on budgeting and what it takes to make visions come to life without tipping the bucket to far over or not at all.

2. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER. That’s right! Hiring a wedding planner at first might seem like you are spending more money. In fact, wedding planners can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Your wedding planner will do all of the leg work and research for you when it comes to the best prices, the best places, and how to get more for your precious bucks.

3. DON’T OVERDUE IT ON PARTY FAVORS. Instead of buying individual party favors for each guest, consider giving one gift to every couple. If you do this, be sure the favor is something that is shareable like a pic of the bride and groom or a small bottle of champagne or another treat! Believe me, your guests will appreciate the late-night booze or snack.

4. IF POSSIBLE, MISMATCH YOUR CENTERPIECES. It is quite normal that a bride would want the tall elaborate centerpieces on each table just as you see in the magazines, Pinterest, and other sources. However, by having smaller centerpieces will surely be cost-effective. You can add a few towering displays to help to fill any gaps. By the way, having all the same centerpieces are cliché. Mix it up! Not only is it trendy, but it bring an eclectic vibe to your party.

If you need any further help with understanding a wedding budget or doesn't know where to begin as it can be overwhelming, contact Events de Couture to assist you in your budgeting needs. We are more than happy to show you how to create a realistic budget and hopefully be able to work with you to show you how you can still have “Couture” fashion doing so. -ALG

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